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What is evrloot?

Evrloot is an immersive experience, packaged into a low-touch game with composable RMRK NFTs at its core.

What kind of NFTs?

Parent NFTs are those that will be minted as your character. Child NFTs are all the other like cosmetic items, weapons, armors, amulets,rings etc and can be owned/shown in the parent.


There is no standard whitelist but rather 100 Enlisted spots which have been filled end of April 2022. Enlisted bonuses include

  • An airdrop of a special Amulet NFT
  • Participate in the first Evrloot mission before ACT I
What is "Red Hand"?

Red Hand, is a discord role for 40 members won a spot in "Talisman Ship" after a contest and partnership between Talisman and Evrloot. These members are eligible for an airdrop of a cosmetic NFT/item.

What is Estra, Barrel, Souls, Resolute and Trakan?

Estra is the world of Evrloot.

Trakan is the main city of ACT I.

Barrel is a NFT cat on the first ship (named Resolute) that sailed to Trakan.

Souls is the name of our characters.

Are we in Trakan?

You are in the Prologue. Ships are slowly arriving in Trakan where ACT I begins. (Late Q3 2022).

How to obtain a Soul?

End of May 2022 Souls will be able to be obtained through cards. These cards will come in 3 different rarities:

  • Lost Soul
    • 25% to get an item on each slot
  • Warrior Soul
    • 60% to get an item on each slot
    • Rare background
  • Fabled Soul
    • 100% to get an item on each slot
    • Legendary background
    • Legendary lore trait
    • Legendary visual trait
How many slots each Soul will have?

5 slots for the first mint

  • Head
  • Armor
  • Boots
  • Right hand
  • Left hand

3 additional slots for later in the game

  • 2 Rings
  • Amulet

A set of background and foreground slots for Background, companion, vanity effects.

When mint?

End of May, Soul Cards will be minted.

What class will I get?

Each Soul card will produce one random class.

Berserker, Ranger or Alchemist.

How many classes are there?

Initially 3, in the future we will introduce another 2.

What rarities will the items have?
  • Normal
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
How my Soul will progress in Evrloot?

You will be able to send your Soul to resource missions, class missions, lore missions, story missions, visit the Market, the Library, explore proffesions, crafting, riddles.

Upgrading your gear, you will become stronger, faster.

Is Evrloot pay to win?

No. We want to have a balance between those that willing to spend a large sum of KSM and those who want to casually play our game.

Do you have a token?

No. It's currently not in our shorterm plans.

Will Evrloot have its own Marketplace?

Yes, this is in our plans.

Who is behind Evrloot?

We are a team of 9 members, based in Europe, USA and Canada.

Backend developers, artists, frontend developers, lore masters and community/marketing managers.

What is Book Of Lore collection?

On 16th March 2022 Evrloot released its first showcase of RMRK 2.0 capabilities that are tightly woven into lore and its usability. The Book of Lore.

A collection of 10 individual pages and an empty book that reveal their secrets when bound together. Each page contains a different sneak peek of the new world. The supply of books and pages was highly limited and sold out. Prices were 0.3 KSM for pages and 3 KSM for books.

Do pages and books have any utility?

Owners of pages, books and full books will have in game benefits. Details TBA.

What are Traits on Souls?

Traits are metadata on your soul that stay with it forever. The NFT comes with additional information, giving each soul a more unique feel.

Example: Your soul has a backstory in the old world. He or she had a profession there (e.g. Fisherman, Scribe, ...) that will make every soul special and also have small impact in the game.

Some of the Metadata also have a relation to visual effects.

Example: Origin will decide something visually. What? You will have to find out.

There is also class specific metadata. Only a Ranger can have a Spirit Animal (e.g. Hawk) , while Berserkers have Roles in the War Party (e.g. "Drummer").

What is the Genesis Mint?

In late May 2022 we started the first sale for GENESIS souls. We will of course have new classes, new genders and new innovation overall later on. But this individual combination of class/items/gender and backstory will be forever unique.

There will not be any new souls minted within the next months. We will focus on gameplay and - depending on player activity - decide about new soul mints in Q4.

What does "Burning the NFTs" mean?

On 15th of July, all unclaimed Genesis Souls will be burnt (=destroyed) and removed from circulation. So get yours before its too late.